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The idea of freedom attached to a line: this is how you could define the story of this group of enthusiastic and carefree kite fliers.

They have been united under the banners of this incredible sport since 1990. The fantasy, colours and emotions which they blended together soon became the symbol of the club which was transformed into an association in 1998. Our main characteristic is that its members do not come from the same town but from different parts of Italy, it may be excessive to define ourselves as “Italian and not only”, but we like it this way. Even though we are spread all over Italy we work as a team on each project, we evaluate its possibilities and we carry out the work together.

The staff consists of an efficacious group of enthusiasts such as Marcello Montanaro, Mariano Stucchi, Mario Galdini, Luca Tomasi, Jana Lupinc, Carlo Oggionni, Paolo Brambilla Pisoni, Gianluigi Maccagnan. They travel around the world with the fantasy and joy that this activity inspires in whoever becomes involved it. You will find each single creation within the section "I nostri aquiloni".

Over the years our personal objectives have changed: from simply taking part in the Italian festivals to a homogenous group which makes itself interactive with the public in all circumstances, which guarantees entertainment in all wind conditions; a group that wants to promote kite flying thanks to simple and effective work shops, which also thanks to the great professionalism acquired over the last few years is able to satisfy the public even in the absence of wind with objects inflated with air.

A rich collection of one line kites made by the club is the basis of each of our participations, from reproductions of paintings with a great visual and emotive impact; to three-dimensional dragons admired by both children and adults; to giant, colourful wheels, now six in number which were nearly all constructed by the club; to the collection of the giant inflatable kites of Peter Lynn including the Stingray, the Bear, the Trilobite, Puffer Fish and Cat, which we thoroughly enjoy flying once we get them in flight.